Bocanci protectie electricieni Edison 500 V

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Bocanci protectie electricieni Edison 500 V Giasco Italia

Bocanci fabricati din piele impermeabilizata WRU, spate protejat de zgarieturi cu anti-scratch leather thickness 1,8-2,0 mm,

Interior cu buna aerisire rezistent la frecare.

Limba captusita, moale

Protectie cu lamela in talpa si bombeu compozit fara metal

TOECAP 200J polymeric composite non-thermic according to EN 12568
MIDSOLE flexible antiperforation composite INSULATING fabric according to EN 12568
SOLE TECNICAL DIELECTRIC bidensity polyurethane and DIELECTRIC RUBBER, resistant to hydrolysis ISO 5423:92,
to hydrocarbons and to abrasion, anti-shock and anti-slipping SRC
-The bottom of the shoe, within some limits (no humidity, it does not concern the upper),
offers electrical resistance against tension up to 500V - M Ω > 1.000 (met. similar EN 344/1 p. 5.7)
- Electrical resistance: CSA Z Canadian standard 195 - increase 1 kV/sec - voltage 18.000V /60 hz - duration 1 minute
- Electrical resistance: ASTM 2413-11 standard – increase 1 kV/sec – voltage 20.000V/60 Hz – duration 1 minute
Electric flow requirement less than 1,0 mA
INSOLE 4000, removable, anatomic, absorbing, antistatic and perspiring
FO sole resistance to hydrocarbons
E energy absorption on seat region
P antiperforation midsole
HRO resistance to hot contact of the outsole
Size 39-47 Shoe weight Sz 42 gr. 610


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