Pantaloni camuflaj cargo ripstop

Diadora Utility
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Diadora Utility
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Pantaloni camuflaj cargo ripstop Utility

Pantaloni pentru divese activitati ce necesita solicitare mare la rupere, confort marit, croiala cu potrivire adaptata.

Realizati din tercot special de 250 gr cu insertii elastice


Freedom of movement: the elastomer yarns make the Utility garments made of B-fit materials elastic and ergonomic, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement.

RIPSTOP is a lightweight fabric borrowed from the world of military clothing. Its structure consists of warp and weft reinforcement threads interwoven at regular intervals that create the typical crosshatch pattern and make this fabric extremely resistant to tearing. This structure prevents tears from enlarging, as they are “enclosed” within the reinforcement threads.


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